About JENN

Something's been simmering under Jenn Beaupré's surface. It's not that she hasn't been busy: on the contrary, she's been racking up accolades and captivating audiences since longer than she can remember and her most recent single, "Giants" (May, 2018), revealed her absolutely electrifying pop prowess. No; it's something deeper than that.

Never bound by constraints of genre or style, Jenn Beaupré’s natural ability to discern and reinterpret the underlying truth of a song was discovered at an early age. Pairing that uncommon awareness with a technical agility most singers only dream about grants Beaupré carte blanche to sway the masses with her inimitable voice. And she doesn’t take the task lightly: “my job is not to be ‘a singer’ – I want to make you feel things. I’m an evoker – an elicitor of emotion.” 

A voice so limitless was bound to lure the singer from her rural Albertan roots, and she has fulfilled that forecast with remarkable success in any sphere of performance she’s embraced through the years (whether that be in intimate concert halls with nothing but her piano, or on widely celebrated platforms such as Canadian Idol, the 2010 Winter Olympics, or The Moscow Ballet). 

With the long-awaited EP “BAD GIRL”, Beaupré seizes her unshakeable self-assertion and unapologetically sashays her way straight into your very core with 6 sultry, soul-infused tracks; the title track is available for pre-order at iTunes on October 1st. Recorded in studios across New York, Nashville and Calgary, “BAD GIRL” featuries collaborations with producer Sanah Kadoura, engineer Derek Sylwestrzak and co-producer/multi-instrumentalist Jesse Epp. Maybe it’s the raw and honeyed tones that give way to racy declarations cloaked in sophisticated elegance, or the promises that only a decided heart could make good on. Maybe it’s the way she effortlessly launches her limitless voice over the chandeliers, escalating your emotions and baring her character absolutely. 

Whatever it is, she’s decidedly here, unapologetically yours, and she sure is something.