Avec Amour


Avec Amour

Award winning singer and songwriter Jenn Beaupre featuring the cirque artistry of Tyler Ayres, Avec Amour.
Evoking connection, beauty and emotion in an uplifting duo of breath taking talent. Step inside the world of Avec Amour and join them as they take you on a mesmerizing adventure that will leave you wanting more.

Tech Requirements:


  • Sound technician with adequate setup/speaker for the venue

  • Baby Grand (or grand) Piano, mic-ed, with bench

  • Large wedge monitor or in ear monitors (Artist shall provide buds and can provide receiver/pack upon request)

  • Vocal Mic on boom stand

  • Effects (reverb) on vocals

  • Acoustic piano can be subbed for a digital keyboard and piano shell upon discussion of event


Performance Type: Aerial Hoop

  • Min 10ft roof height

  • Accessible beam/rigging point with a min 700lbs rating

Performance Type: Aerial Silks/Tissu

  • Min 15ft roof height

  • Accessible beam/rigging point with a min 600lbs rating

Performance Type: Acro/Dance & Weggsphere

  • Min 12sqft flat level surface (dance floor/stage preferred)

  • Min 9ft height of roof

Here’s a sneak peak…