Bad Girl

Something's been simmering under Jenn Beaupré's surface. It's not that she hasn't been busy: on the contrary, she's been racking up accolades and captivating audiences since longer than she can remember, and her most recent single, "Giants" (May, 2018), revealed her absolutely electrifying pop prowess. No; it's something deeper than that.

With BAD GIRL, the long-awaited EP from one of Calgary's most breathtaking and masterful voices, Beaupré seizes her unshakeable self-assertion and unapologetically sashays her way straight into your very core. Maybe it’s the raw and honeyed tones that give way to racy declarations cloaked in sophisticated elegance, or the promises that only a decided heart could make good on. Maybe it’s the way she effortlessly launches her limitless voice over the chandeliers, escalating your emotions and baring her character absolutely. 

jenn beaupre giants-06.jpg


Jenn Beaupré’s brilliance as a vocalist has never been in question. Having garnered comparisons to the likes of Adele, P!nk and Eva Cassidy, her voice is nothing if not decidedly her own. Her long-anticipated single, “Giants” (April 20, 2018), sees Beaupré kick it up a notch and partner up with some powerhouse names including Grammy-nominated producer Sal Oliveri (P!NK, Chris Martin of Coldplay) and Grammy-award winning songwriter Hillary Lindsay (Carrie Underwood, Lady Gaga). Revealing an absolutely electrifying pop prowess, the result is a rallying, dance-worthy exploration of unshakeable self-assertion with all the trappings of a perfectly golden hit summer anthem. “Giants” is available now for digital purchase and across all streaming platforms. Expect more from Jenn Beaupré soon - but for now, turn “Giants” up, raise your voice and show’em what you’re made of!